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Marta Miret Roríguez in her new book “Pandemic and Lockdown Through the Eyes of an Architect” brings architecture closer to us by giving us a vision of how the architecture profession sees the situation that is being experienced in 2020, a global pandemic.

The book is an essay that expresses the feelings of a young architect within the context of a pandemic and the turbulence it has created for us all.
Marta has always instilled an unusual human touch into her architecture.
In this book, she describes various pandemics in history in relation to architecture and urban planning. It is an enjoyable, easy to read, and also educational work that reflects the curiosity of an architect during the lockdown, and her questions and answers from the essence of architecture.
She manages ―and this is not easy to do― to link the pandemic to architecture with a subtle, deep, global focus and the human touch acquired during her retreat.
-It is my hope and wish that these turbulent times will soon end, and that the vaccine that we’re all anxiously awaiting will allow us to return to normalcy. But, after reading this book, I’m not so sure anymore.
As architects, we must ask ourselves questions about the future.

About the author: Marta Miret Rodríguez, 1981.
Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Architecture from the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Barcelona (ETSAB) at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), with a specialisation entitled Critical Approach to Architecture from the Cultural and Historical Environment. She specializes in the project line “Critical approach to architecture from the cultural and historical environment”. Whose final project, of interest, is catalogued in the National Archive of Catalonia (ANC). Partner of Miret Arquitectos studio. Polyglot; English, German, Catalan and Spanish. French and Italian. Galician, a mother tongue that she understands, reads and loves because of the beautiful stories and tales her mother told her in this language. International Project Manager of retail projects with HMY. She work and live in different European cities. She collaborates in the book “Así: Expo Zaragoza 2008 was born” (Authors: Carlos Miret Bernal-Maria Milagros Rodriguez Valdonedo) and makes its design and layout.
On September 25, 2020 she presents his book “Pandemic and Lockdown Through the Eyes of an Architect”, an essay written during the confinement with a deep feeling. -This pandemic for me has been a psychological revulsion of how to understand architecture and that is what I want to transmit-

-CONCLUSION: Agile changes and in-depth study are required in order to design the new post Covid-19 era.
-As an ANNEX ,I include some of my works that somehow expree my feelings about architecture when I create for the enjoyment and well-being of others.

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    Pandemic and Lockdown Through the Eyes of an Architect
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    Marta Miret Rodríguez
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